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Monday, November 28, 2011

"Colorful Buoys " by nancie | RedBubble

"Colorful Buoys " by nancie | RedBubble:

You are the best-Tulip Button from

Daisy-Mousepad from

Daisy-Mousepad from

you're My happy Mouse Pads from

you're My happy Mouse Pads from

White Flower Mug 11oz from

White Flower Mug 11oz from

yellow mug from

yellow mug from

Yellow Flower- Coffee Mug from

"Shine on ocean" by nancie | RedBubble

"Shine on ocean" by nancie | RedBubble:

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Hampshire Lighthouse -Travel Mug from

Scituate Harbor Lighthouse - Mousepad from

Scituate Harbor Ligthouse - Stein /Mug from

Pemaquid Lighthouse - Mousepad from

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse Maine - Mousepad from

Isles of Shoals (White Island), NH - Mousepad from

East Quoddy Lighthouse - Mousepad from

Eastern Point Lighthouse , MA.-Mousepad from

Nauset Lighthouse-Mousepad from

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse - Mousepad from

Thursday, November 17, 2011

West Quoddy Lighthouse - Mousepad from

Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse - Mousepad from

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse NY - Mousepad from

Wood End Lighthouse MA - Mousepad from

"Eastern Point Lighthouse " by nancie | RedBubble

"Eastern Point Lighthouse " by nancie | RedBubble:

"Beautiful Day" by nancie | RedBubble

"Beautiful Day" by nancie | RedBubble:

"Calming" by nancie | RedBubble

"Calming" by nancie | RedBubble:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall-New Hampshire-NEW ENGLAND Post Card from

Thank you so much Nancy from Irvine, CA. for buying this card!!! Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed taking the photo!!!

2012 Calendar- Oceans-2 from

2012 Rose Calendar from

2012 Calendar-Nature from

2012 Beautiful New England Calendar from

Purple Flowers-2012 Calendar from